Secure Comfort Catheter
Leg Bag Holder

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Instructions for use

For the Secure Comfort Leg Bag Holder

To get started first decide what side you are going to wear the bag on. Notice that the waist belt is adjustable from either end. Open whichever end is going to be in front then fit around the waist preferably next to the skin and then adjust to a snug fit with the clip straps pivot in line with your hip joint. Attach the clips to the upper leg bag strap close to the bag. Adjust all straps as desired.

Instructions for use for the Lower Leg Bag Replacement Strap

Especially valuable for bags that extend below the knee, we recommend the use of the Secure Comfort Lower Bag Strap Replacement. Our lower leg bag strap is designed to tether the leg bag to the leg. Place the non-skid strap around the leg and pass its end through the O-ring and bring it back on itself and secure with Velcro type strap end. Pass the two smaller straps through the slots in the bottom of the bag and adjust them allowing the bag to have the desired amount of movement. This strap is especially valuable when the bag extends below the knee.

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