Secure Comfort Catheter
Leg Bag Holder

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Belt, upper elastic triangle, pivot point for lower triangle with adjustable straps and clasps that hold the bag.  Urine bag can be worn inner thigh.

Soft non-slip waist belt. The support strap's unique two triangle geometry will position and distribute the weight of the leg bag with the pivot point over the hip for a natural stride.

Optional leg bag holder lower strap provides even more stability for exercise or when the leg is elevated.

Secure support for the heavy urine bag. No more slipping or pulling.

Leg bag can be worn left or right on the inside or outside of either leg.

 Accommodates male or female.

Can be used with most sizes or brands of urinary catheter leg bags.

The Secure Comfort Catheter Leg Bag Holder comes in Small, Medium, Large and custom sizes. Adjustable for the perfect fit.

We at Leland Research strive to bring to our customers a top quality, well thought out, leg bag holder that will make their lives just a little bit easier.

The belt is made of a soft comfortable latex free elastic with a silicon ribbon non-slip back. Rings connect the belt to the upper support triangle. Closures are hook and loop with a tab construction for ease and accessability. Upper support triangle V is a single piece of wide elastic. A pivot connects the upper triangle to the two adjustable straps that hold the clasps. The strong clasps have nickel plated steel jaws with nylon teeth for a secure grip. The leg bag holder is designed to be worn over either hip but can be worn forward over the front of the thigh.

The optional Secure Comfort Leg Bag Lower Strap adds comfort and security for all leg bag applications, but particularly, heavy urine bags and bags that extend below the knee. It anchors the bag and still allows for a controlled range of movement. It may also make emptying the urine bag more convenient.

The Secure Comfort Leg Bag Lower Strap comes in three sizes and is adjustable.

Wearing the catheter leg bag in a lower position may require a catheter tube extension.

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